New Saturday Lineup on KODX

Beginning Saturday January 12, 2019, KODX will begin airing segments formerly heard on KEXPs Mind Over Matters.  New shows include Alternative Radio, Counterspin, TUC Radio, Between the Lines, and Making Contact.  Eat the Airwaves!, a weekly wrap-up of local, national, and international news with Geov Parrish and Maria Tomchick is also moving over and extending from a 30-minute show to a full hour.

New Saturday Schedule (with MOM shows added)

8:00am – Alternative Radio
9:00 – Counterspin
9:30 – Between the Lines
10:00 – TUC Radio
10:30 – Making Contact
11:00 – KPFA Pacifica News
12:00 – Ralph Nader Radio Hour
1:00pm – Eat the Airwaves!
2:00 – Radio Ecoshock
3:00 – On the Ground
4:00 – Behind the News w/ Doug Henwood

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  1. Thank YOU so much for taking over where KEXP left off– I hope ALL of the “Mind Over Matters” programs can be put onto your station.

    I am very grateful you are trying to do this, I don’t understand why such highly valuable programs were ever taken off KEXP in the first place.

    Love the Ralph Nader Radio Hour as an addition!! Also TUC and Alternative Radio, would like to see Prof. Richard Wolff’s “Weekly Economic Update” weekly show added if possible.
    Thanks again!

  2. Missed yesterdays airing , but I’m very happy to see the Schedule ! From Alternative Radio to Behind the News
    So disappointed with KEXP

  3. Thank you so very much for putting on some of KEXP’s Mind Over Matters programming, which was *excellent* (until they took it off)…
    We so very badly need local news and commentary, as well as a radio broadcast of some of the national progressive shows. Thanks much for putting The Ralph Nader Radio Hour on! I would also like to see Richard Wolff’s “Weekly Economic Update” included. Alternative Radio and TUC Radio are longtime favorites, too.

  4. I clicked on the black & orange box in the far bottom right hand corner of the screen and was able to listen- (in the circle)- but I think this is only available during the hours they’re actually broadcasting… which is not 24 hrs. Hope this is helpful if it doesn’t start automatically.

  5. Hi KODX

    I do not see Diane Horn or Sustainability Segment on either KEXP or KODX. Where oh where is she, and her show?



  6. Thank for your picking up Between The Lines – we’re truly honored to be part of Michael McCormick’s Mind Over Matters’ lineup of Pacifica Network’s shows in continuing in Seattle!

  7. Just found you. Hurray! KEXP made a huge mistake letting go of Mike McCormick’s Mind Over Matters. Thanks for snagging all the great programs they let go of. A real “corporate minded” decision on their part. Want to listen to you via TuneIn Radio some day. Meanwhile listening from this site is just fine.

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